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Sampling Beam Trawls The principal difference with the otter trawl is the use of a fixed bar or pole the beam to maintain a constant horizontal spread at the opening. Our sampling and research beam trawls are constructed of 1/4 Delta netting and 1/4 Heavy Duty chaffing gear over the cod end. Nets come white (natural) add 15% for Green Net Treatment.
Sampling Bean Trawls - 1 Meter x 3.28Ft - Net Only - Item No. S133$225.00
Sampling Beam Trawls - 1 Meter x 3.28Ft - Complete - Item No. SBT133$499.00
Sampling Beam Trawl - 2 Meter x 10Ft long - Net Only - S266$399.00
Sampling Beam Trawl - 2 Meter wide - Complete - Item No. SBT266$799.00
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