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Garden Trellis Netting - 5' x 115' - Item No. GT636A


:: Garden Trellis Netting - 5' x 115' - Item No. GT636A ::

Grow a Space-Saving Garden with this Durable Nylon Netting! MADE IN THE USA!

Get those vegetables out of the dirt! Support your snap peas, cukes, pole beans, tomatoes, and other vines the easy, economical way with this durable nylon netting! Simple to set up, it washes clean and rolls up for easy storage at the end of the season. Very long-lasting, its mesh size is 7" square wide,on the diamond, enabling you to harvest easily without becoming entangled in the netting. Disappears behind the foliage, and easily strings to poles, fences, and stakes!

Grow your most productive garden ever this year -- in less space than you dreamed possible! One roll is 5 feet tall by 115 feet long.

Strong, durable 80 lb. test nylon netting with a 7" square mesh in a diamond shape allows you to grow more plants in a smaller area. Can be stored and used for many seasons.

Item No: 636A

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