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Twisted Nylon Rope - 1-1/2" Diam. - 600ft Spool - Item No. 39580


:: Twisted Nylon Rope - 1-1/2" Diam. - 600ft Spool - Item No. 39580 ::
Also known as anchor rope, this is the strongest rope in general use today. This 100% nylon rope has superior elastic properties and is an excellent energy absorption.
Primary Uses:
Generally in stock, however may require up to 2-4 weeks.
General purposes, including anchor lines, tying off boats, and tying down loads. White in color.
1 1/2" Diam. - 600ft Spool - Item No. 39580

Note: On shipments over 150lbs. items must ship by motor freight. Residential fees may apply on truck shipments. Freight quotes are provided on a request only basis.

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