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Shad Trawl - 2' diam. - 36" Depth - Delta 35# 1/4" Sq Mesh - Item No. ST1


:: Shad Trawl - 2' diam. - 36" Depth - Delta 35# 1/4" Sq Mesh - Item No. ST1 ::
An excellent net for scooping shad to use as bait. It is recommended that the boat be operated at low speeds in large circles to keep the net from pulling directly behind boat. Shad Trawls are made from nylon netting with a galvanized hoop, 4' brail lines and a 35' tow line. The bottom is made slightly flat so that the shad are not mashed into the bottom and pressed through the mesh. Brail and tow lines are #84 braided nylon (600lb. test), complete and ready to fish.

In an effort to provide the convenience and lowest cost of shipping, we ship the larger nylon shad trawls to you unassembled. To assemble, insert hoop into coupling provided and attach to other end of hoop. Strike coupling on hard surface with hammer to press coupling firmly against hoop.
2' diam. - 36" Depth - 1/4" Sq Mesh - Item No. ST1 DELTA 35LB

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